Reflection On ” How to enhance creativity”

Well said ya Said:)



Throughout watching this video, and throughout this course for that matter, I have noticed that recently, quite a few people have been trying to, as it were, domesticate creativity.  They have tried capture that elusive creature that is creativity and tame her to be available when needed, more and more creativity is becoming a systematic discipline you can follow, a process you should stick to, in order to get to the most creative ideas, and while I was considering all that a question came to mind: “Should we really be doing that?”.

The allure of creativity has always been in its elusiveness, in its freedom. I had some difficulty accepting a more systematic form of creativity because simply enough, the word systematic conjures up in my mind a black and white image filled with straight lines and sharp corners, while the most common image that comes to mind when you…

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1 thought on “Reflection On ” How to enhance creativity”

  1. I actually agree and disagree with Said. I agree with him because many times the most creative and amazing ideas just pop up from nowhere because sometimes when we keep thinking so much and concentrating to get a creative idea, we do not get any ideas. On the other hand, I disagree with him because sometimes you need to go through some kind of process and follow those certain steps because those will help you get more ideas and help you think out of the box. I think it is according to each situation, some situations need the process and some do not.

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