24 thoughts on “Combine and connect!

  1. This man took creativity to a whole new level! Maybe this idea is creative but not useful.. The ability of men will prevent him from doing both jobs at the same time.

    1. I disagree with Nada I think it is a very useful idea as it’s easier to workout if you’re occupied with watching something or listening to music for instance. The time will pass faster and you’re not as focused on the pain of the exercise as if you’re not doing anything else. I don’t think he’ll be drinking coffee though 😀

      1. By useful I mean that it can add to our lives or make it easier somehow. I also mean that it is convenient and usable, as there are many brilliant ideas when applied they fails because it’s too complicated for example.

      2. I define useful as gaining the result you are aiming for. This guy had successfully combined two significant jobs that need to be done almost everyday, but he had wrongly picked those jobs. I mean it might be more useful if he combines working out with eating, reading or just listening to music.:)

  2. I also disagree with Nada, the idea is extremely useful as well as creative and like Aya says it easier and you can do more than one thing at the same time. Also more time to do other activities, if you like workout and do something at the same time then you have more free time for something else.

  3. I agree that this is a useful idea,as this man is creative by trying to accomplish many tasks at the same tine.Most of the people have the problem of time management,and this is really a creative idea by combining work and exercise.

  4. This is really a creative idea !!! this man tried to work and make something interesting at the same time, so he will not get bored. Also, he might not have enough time to sports, so he found a crazy and creative solution to combine sports with work !

  5. I actually agree with Nada that it may not be so useful for some people because some people can not concentrate in doing multiple things in the same time. However, it still is a creative new idea and it will work for lots of people.

  6. Nada if you believe that his invention is not useful then it can not be creative based on the definition we studied in class. I think the invention is very practical as I myself workout a lot but am usually too lazy to go down to the gym or track. This invention allows one to work from home while also multitasking with other activities. Therefore not only is his invention useful for exercise, it is also useful for several other home-based activities.

    1. The whole idea of combining and connecting is seeing things that can work together to result in a whole new idea, what lease can you think of that combines and connects different functions and options into one product? The smartphone, cameras that have wifi and connect to the internet, Cars that offer options such as built-in iPhone connections, GPS and all those gadgets. Combining and connecting can make a product more attractive and increase market share for example. When considering your projects and solution statements, C and C ing will be a major point you need to consider
      Any other examples you can think of?

  7. The previous link with the houses made out of containers has reminded me of a show called MTV extreme cribs. It gives us a tour inside houses that we never would have thought could exist. It shows us houses made out of recycled plastic bottles, houses that rotate, a cave as a house or even a house in a shape of a dog! It opens your mind to great ideas. Some of the houses that are shown have good uses. One of them functions by solar power. I think this is a great idea for many reasons; it saves money, it’s a renewable energy source and it is harmless to the environment. This is only one example. There are many others such as the one made out of recycled plastic bottles.

  8. As a fan of ‘working out’ I think this is a brilliant idea. I always have problems in time management when I have a lot of work for college but I can’t give up going to the gym. This invention will be of benefit to a lot of people.

  9. the idea of combining and connecting is important to produce creative products, you should in different perspectives and combine your ideas.

  10. I think the most important thing about this thread is sharing our different perspective about this idea the guy came with. The idea can’t be defined as useful or un-useful because as Dr. Hoda said, how do u define useful, it will be quite challenging to find a concrete definition for usefulness that would suit all of us. Here comes the importance of sharing what we think of the object, to enhance its usefulness for some of us and overcome its practically or efficiency problems as viewed by others.

  11. I believe this idea is creative but somehow some people cannot concenterate on doing two things at the same time . I agree with karim that the idea can’t be defined as useful or unuseful because it do differ from one person to another.

  12. I remember reading about a similar idea somewhere except that you had to cycle to gain access to the internet, and the faster you cycled, the faster your connection got. While the idea may not be completely practical, i though it had a touch of novelty to it.

  13. Said has a point, I read also before about China who had installed some bicycles at the bus stops so that the people can do a little exercise while waiting for the bus. It is a smart way to invest the time while waiting. Same thing with this post, “Combine and Connect”, we all sit with out laptops a lot of the time working on something. So this man thought of a way to invest your time, I think this is creative, and can be practical, I don’t believe that it is useless. Seeing things from different perspectives and trying to assemble them in a different deformed way, is Creativity. Therefore, he had successfully combined two significant tasks that need to be done, so this is definitely useful.

  14. the idea of combining between different activities and connecting between them is by itself very useful, if someone can combine between two different activities then this by itself is a pretty efficient and also creative thinking. oh and i also agree with said.

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