Define your value!

Your comments please! How does this fit in with creative thinking??



If you experienced failure, remember that failure has not come to say, it has come to pass. This is a quote I cherish in my life, it has always helped me to overcome an obstacle, feel good about myself, and always keep moving forward. Because each individual is learning a new thing in his life on daily basis, no matter how old he/she is. We must make mistakes in order to learn from them, and to believe in something and make it happen. We always tend to fear of doing something when someone tells us that it is impossible, sometimes they tell us, “You can not do it.” That is not their call, we shouldn’t obey their rejection and sit there doing nothing. People who want to change something, they neglect all the opinions. Like for an example,

-Walt Disney was fired from the Kansas City Star because, his…

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5 thoughts on “Define your value!

  1. this video came to me exactly in the right time. I am really down and I need something to hold me up. I can say that this video boosted my emotions somehow that made me intend to think that I should have an action and I should say a word

  2. This video is truly inspiring. It covers some of the most inspiring movies of all time. At some point in everyone’s lives, they tend to start giving up, losing faith in themselves. They start losing themselves and don’t know what to do with their lives. This video is a reminder that we are not alone. Everyone goes through some hard times in their lives. They just need to keep pushing themselves until they reach their dream.

  3. I think this fits in with creative thinking that we should not be those idea killers that keep telling other people that they can not do what they want. Also, we should not get depressed when our first trial fails. Any work needs several trials and many mistakes to be correct. We should have faith in ourselves and be confident with what we are doing.

  4. I don’t think we should stop people from deferring judgment and i don’t think we should stop people from calling us wrong. THis is what we need as motivation, those who tell us its “impossible” or we can “never do it” are only pushing us farther giving us the incentive that we can prove them wrong, that we are worth more than they think. This links in with creative confidence and courage, it is not the deferring of judgment or any other external factor that kills creativity, it is our own internal fear. We have to find our own confidence and not rely on people to stop bringing us down. The video looks deeply into finding our own value and i believe that it is a very important concept to keep in mind for all of our future lives. We are all people and we make mistakes, failures as he mentions in the video. But this is never a bad thing, these failures provide us with experience and always allow us to step one foot forward in life.

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