Creative Advertising!

We talked today about what makes an advertisement creative…you all came up with a map of criteria, now reflect on your blog on an ad you found especially creative. Remember to reflect on the Why, How and What. Also include your assessment of how YOUR selected ad fits in with the criteria we discussed today

Reflection On ” How to enhance creativity”

Well said ya Said:)



Throughout watching this video, and throughout this course for that matter, I have noticed that recently, quite a few people have been trying to, as it were, domesticate creativity.  They have tried capture that elusive creature that is creativity and tame her to be available when needed, more and more creativity is becoming a systematic discipline you can follow, a process you should stick to, in order to get to the most creative ideas, and while I was considering all that a question came to mind: “Should we really be doing that?”.

The allure of creativity has always been in its elusiveness, in its freedom. I had some difficulty accepting a more systematic form of creativity because simply enough, the word systematic conjures up in my mind a black and white image filled with straight lines and sharp corners, while the most common image that comes to mind when you…

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Reflection: Connecting and Combining

The Idea of Creativity


This video was by far my most favorite as it encompassed almost everything we have taken in class so far which is why it reminded me of this quote by Aristotle. The speaker was so insightful and managed to incorporate al our learnings into one simple model she calls “The innovation Engine”. The innovation engine is broken down into two main parts, the internal and external environment. Right from the very start we can see that her model looks upon creativity from more than one perspective which is in itself one of the most important aspects of creativity. Her engine consists of 6 main factors, imagination, Knowledge, and attitude (internal),Habitat, Resources and Culture (External). The internal aspects mainly look up on how we ourselves see the world around us and how we can initiate creativity from within. These concepts connect with a lot of our in class discussions. First of…

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The Nile Project Reflection “The story behind the nile project”

Karim Nazmi (Creative Thinking!)

“Music carves us paths to a new understanding of one another”, that basically describes their main vision. Mina and Meklit had a goal that was set clear in front of their eyes since they started the idea of this project, yet how to deliver it was their main concern! They came up with a very creative idea that may seem silly or inefficient to many people, which was spreading out their word through the aid of music and education. The idea is brilliant and creative because of its simplicity or at least I consider it that way.  Having the idea of who are their target audience in the back of their head while developing this idea was so obvious. They aren’t addressing leaders or decision makers, instead they are focused on the nations, the people, as they have learned that they are the only ones who have the real power…

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Define your value!

Your comments please! How does this fit in with creative thinking??



If you experienced failure, remember that failure has not come to say, it has come to pass. This is a quote I cherish in my life, it has always helped me to overcome an obstacle, feel good about myself, and always keep moving forward. Because each individual is learning a new thing in his life on daily basis, no matter how old he/she is. We must make mistakes in order to learn from them, and to believe in something and make it happen. We always tend to fear of doing something when someone tells us that it is impossible, sometimes they tell us, “You can not do it.” That is not their call, we shouldn’t obey their rejection and sit there doing nothing. People who want to change something, they neglect all the opinions. Like for an example,

-Walt Disney was fired from the Kansas City Star because, his…

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